The Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association (SOPAA) is committed to the fine arts education of young people in the Southern Ohio area.  During the 2009-2010 concert season, our focus has intensified.

  • We have stressed the student ticket sales by meeting with all vocal and instrumental teachers in Scioto and Jackson County.  A ticket-delivery program was started to make this reduced price student ticket more accessible.  This has been very well received by the teachers.
  • We have established a working relationship with the teachers of Academically Advanced programs to encourage their students to participate in the reduced price student ticket program.
  • We have strengthened the relationship with Sharee Price, Director of Gifted Services for South Central Ohio Educational Service Center.  Sharee has been very helpful in promoting the student ticket program with her students throughout Southern Ohio.
  • We have developed an outstanding website that is being utilized by numerous teachers.  This website contains lesson plans associated with various shows.  We have focused extensively on THE OPERA SHOW. The area music teachers have committed to teaching one day a week during the month of January on opera.  They are using the website, specifically THE OPERA SHOW, as the core of their lesson plan.  The feedback from the teachers has been very positive.
  • SOPAA is offering to area music students a “master class” in opera taught by members of THE OPERA SHOW cast.  This event is planned for the afternoon of February 4, 2010.

As we plan for our 2010-2011 season, we are well aware that over 50% of our audience is composed of older adults, however our decisions for programming are balanced with providing quality entertainment for adults and educational opportunities for our area students.

Our student sales continue to do very well having sold almost $11K so far this season. This is $7,000 more than the $3,798 we sold all of last year. That is a 185% increase.