OSU Men’s Glee Club at Valley Local High School

The final concert in May of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY MEN’S GLEE CLUB was the ultimate example of SOPAA’s commitment to music education.  The OSU Men’s Glee Club made a stop at Valley Local High School in Lucasville and performed for the student body of Valley Middle and High School.  The high school vocal music students were able to hear the men in a brief rehearsal. The High School Choir, under the direction of Ms. Kelsey Burkett, also performed for the OSU group.  The student body was very attentive, actually spellbound, during the concert.  The OSU director, Dr. Robert J. Ward, was the consummate educator, describing and explaining the choral selections that the students would hear.  His rapport with the student body was excellent, making the total experience one that the students will long remember.

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