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Listening Tour

Everyone is invited to join a conversation with their neighbors about creative expression in the Portsmouth community on February 7 Even if don’t think of yourself as creative or as the type that would participate in an arts event, we want you there. Three partnering organizations: Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association, Southern Ohio Museum of […]

Give The Gift of Art

There is no replacing the experience of a live performance. Whether it is the classic romance of a Cinderella Broadway musical, Bluegrass by a Grand Master fiddle champion, a charismatic trio of tenors from Texas or a masterful pianist, there is something anyone would love to see in their stockings this Christmas.  Check out the […]

Peter and the Starcatcher -Cancelled

Due to scheduling difficulties, the producers of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER have cancelled their performance on April 27, 2015. In its place, we are pleased to announce that we have arranged to present MEMPHIS THE MUSICAL on April 20, 2015. Letters have gone out to all those who have already purchased tickets explaining this situation […]

Did You Get In Touch With Your Inner Elf?

Have you ever wanted to run away to the North Pole like Buddy? Do you still want to? Tell us what you thought of the performance of Elf on November 13. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Different Perspectives On American History

Did you see First Person: Seeing America? What did you think? Did you gain new perspectives on the history of our country? Did you enjoy hearing about the tales of how people helped each other during the Portsmouth Flood? What worked for you? What didn’t?   Let us know…

Night and Day, Landau Is the ONE!

Did you attend that amazing concert by Landau Murphy and the legends of Motown, Leonard, Coleman and Blunt? Did you stand on line for an hour just so you could get an autograph and a picture taken with Landau? Did you have a great time? Let us know what you liked best about the concert.

Tonight, Tonight, What Did You Think Of West Side Story Tonight?

If you saw the performance of West Side Story tonight, what did you think? What worked for you? What didn’t work for you? This performance of West Side Story was the last in the 2013-14 Season. As you can see, we already have the next season up on the website. We hope you will join […]

Anne Sullivan Teaches Helen Keller

Could You Be A Miracle Worker?

If you saw The Miracle Worker, either in our theater or during one of the movie screenings at the Portsmouth Public Libraries or if you recently read the story, do you think you would have had the patience to deal with a young Helen Keller? Do you think you would have been inventive enough to […]

Did You Rock Hard Last Night?

So what did you think of Rock of Ages? Was it everything you hoped for? Couple of interesting tidbits- There was one woman (that we know of) in the audience who had seen the show 39 times. The performance on February 5 was the 600th performance of the Rock of Ages  tour. Yeah!  

Mamma Mia! The Main Theatre Has A New Name!

We had a great crowd at the Mamma Mia performance on November 13.  People were asking for tambourines at intermission because they wanted to play along.   In addition, the Main Theater is no more. Just before the show, the university unveiled the new name, the Eloise Covert Smith Theater. Eloise Covert went to Portsmouth […]