The Miracle Worker

March 25, 2014
Tuesday at 07:30 pm

“Describe the color red to someone who can’t see red,” is a type of exercise in which people are frequently asked to participate. But for Annie Sullivan it was no exercise. She had the very real task of teaching language and expression to Helen Keller who was unable to learn or experience the world through sight or sound.

Miracle Worker is a story of the resilience and inventiveness of a teacher challenged to find an alternative when regular methods are not available.  Sullivan is determined not to give up on her student even when Helen’s parents urge her to do so.

Sponsored by The Richard D. Marting Foundation and inSolves


Sign interpretation services provided by Community Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (740) 356-7200, (740) 370-1254 vp

Tickets for lower tier seating are $45 regular, $42 senior, $38 students, $20 children under 12. Prices lower in upper tier. Discounts for families available.

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