January 26, 2010
Tuesday at 07:30 pm

“What’s Groovaloo? It’s a hip-hop break dancing, and improvisational athleticism that never quits.” – Metro LA

Driven by jaw-dropping displays of physical ability, a vibrant musical score and powerful spoken word poetry, the show’s intertwined stories chronicle the struggles, hopes and triumphs of the 15-member cast as they discover the true meaning of family and share what it’s like to be “in the circle.”

Based on this award-winning troupe’s true-to-life experiences and told by the dancers who lived them, GROOVALOO has the authenticity of A CHORUS LINE-like presentation and the energy of a STOMP as it takes the audience through the diverse world of hip hop dance.

GROOVALOO has inspired audiences from all walks of life to celebrate their passion and purpose, revealing the heart and soul behind this incredible art form.

The Los Angeles Times says of this innovative dance ensemble, “15 performers ripple like ocean waves, shake like earthquake zones and spin like corkscrews. These performers from a wide variety of cultures and communities, have come together to create something positive. There’s real human drama onstage…”

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