Empire Brass

December 07, 2012
Friday at 07:30 pm

The Empire Brass Presents “The Sound of Christmas” starring Elisabeth Von Trapp

The Empire Brass enjoys an international reputation and is renowned for its brilliant virtuosity as well as an unparalleled diversity of its repertoire. Their music, with its lively and infectious rhythms, transports the listener to the land of magic and joy!

Picture now the Sound of Christmas when Elisabeth Von Trapp blends her voice with these five musicians. For Elisabeth, the sounds of music are part of her earliest memories. Born and raised in Vermont, Elisabeth is the granddaughter of the legendary Maria and Baron Von Trapp, whose story inspired “The Sound of Music.” Singing professionally since childhood, she now enthralls audiences with her “hauntingly clear” voice. (New York Times)

This program may become “one of your favorite things.”