Doc Severinsen and El Ritmo de la Vida

September 17, 2009
Thursday at 07:30 pm

Grammy Award winner Doc Severinsen has made more than 30 albums – from big band to jazz-fusion to classical and now something new! Latin jazz, made up of beguiling ventures into traditional Mexican music, Argentine tango, Spanish flamenco and gypsy jazz.

Since “retiring” to Mexico at the end of 2006, Doc made a new discovery in two very talented musicians and with them he has crafted an innovative and exciting new sound. “El Ritmo de la Vida” (The Rhythm of Life) is a very apt personal description of musicians Gil Gutierrez and Pedro Cartas and their music.

Doc has not lost his flair for outrageous fashions and witty banter. He is still respected as one of the world’s premier trumpeters and ‘showbiz’ personalities. If this is Doc’s idea of ‘retirement’, then we love it!

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