February 05, 2008
Tuesday at 07:30 pm

The name ISH comes from the suffix -ish which is used to describe the indefinable. But to try to describe it one might say its STOMP-ish, its skate-ish, a little hip hop-ish, its beatbox-ish. Now you get the idea. Dont blink! You dont want to miss one zoom, whoosh, flip, leap and twist of this internationally acclaimed dance and skate spectacular created by the worlds leading skaters, djs and hip-hop dancers. Amsterdams hottest young troupe, ISH, brings unparalleled talent, explosive energy and fearless skill to this performance filled with humor, inline skating, acrobatics, martial arts and one ultra fine beatboxer. So eyes on the halfpipes and sit tight. This is going to be one wild theatrical ride for children of all ages.