Call For Suggestions

Do you have a favorite story from Portsmouth’s history?

Portsmouth’s bicentennial is coming up in 2015. In preparation for the celebration, Southern Ohio Performing Arts Association and Shawnee State University are issuing a call for suggestions of an event/person from Portsmouth’s history to be included in the October 9 performance of First Person: Seeing America a multimedia performance featuring two actors reading first person accounts from America’s history (letters, diary entries, Lincoln’s Gettysburg address), while images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s photo collection are projected behind them.

The performers have agreed to include a story and images from Portsmouth’s history in their performance. If you have a story about Portsmouth you think should be told, let us know.

Suggestions will be collected until June 27 and may be made by emailing VRCFA director Joe Patti at or by posting on the Vern Riffe Center Facebook page at

The event/person chosen for inclusion will be based both on number of suggestions and the ability to find images and first person accounts from that time period.

For a quick reminder of important events and people in Portsmouth’s history, we suggest swinging by the floodwall murals.