Looking Forward To Next Season?

April 24, 2018
Tuesday at 02:23 pm

With such a great selection of events for 2018-2019, it is natural to be excited about buying tickets. Subscribers will receive season brochures in late May/Early June. They will have until July¬†6 to renew their seats. Starting July 9, new subscribers and single ticket buyers can start purchasing tickets. If you would like additional information […]

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SOPAA brings the arts to life

at Shawnee State University's Vern Riffe Center for the Arts in Portsmouth Ohio
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Artists Were Creative Kids Once

We are really grateful to the schools that bring their students to our performances and the sponsors who underwrite the tickets to keep the prices low or free. We also offer the opportunity for students to meet and be coached by artists who talk about their creative lives. There are lots of pictures in our […]

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Nobody Puts You In A Corner!

Thanks to everyone who attended Dirty Dancing, especially those who took advantage of the photobooth the production set up. We loved looking at all the pictures people shared from that night.  Definitely no one is keeping you all down!

SOPAA is made possible through the efforts and contributions of our many volunteers and sponsors. Thank you.